Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resist the side roads leading to snowy destinations and flee across open country that is deserted and isolated with mountain trolls lurking just out of sight.
Cruise past Kiandra that has all but gone, one solitary building,  along with its claims to fame - such as the first ski club ever. This cruise is something different. Foot to floor in the Trabant!  Scoot past scenes from the revhead magazines along here.

The source of the Eucumbene, Murrumbidgee and others. The Murrumbidgee continues way out into west of the state in land strapped for water overall and conservation high on the adgenda.

Had I surfaced in a cash strapped economy or in the hub of Quantitative easing 3 or was it Putinsburg?
Hugh cuts made to the education budget.  Why isn't TAFE relatively sacrosanct like the universities?  Privatisation.
(Perisher)   More micky mouse courses?  Will government become capable of monitoring standards and the spendings made by private institutions.  Time will tell.

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