Monday, September 17, 2012

Gerald, keen blogger from Hyde in the land of Scott and Bailey: my reply has exterminated, it is too difficult to prove I am not a robotic spammer or maybe that's just it.
Yes, local sightseeing - I'm lovin' it. Otherwise one vascillates about overseas travel and the destinations to die for. And this week I havn't got off the high moral ground and say travel is unsustainable and unjustified. Gratify our whims at the cost to people and the overall environment. But on the other hand, I won't be here when the predicted changes creep over our planet. Will I be drawn in by the must see destinations?

Less snow is falling according to one local researcher. As a result summer activities are gaining traction. Our snowfields cover a relatively tiny area.
Snowyhydro Renewable energy has a hand-out with snow depth readings since 1972 and these are also on their web site. Are the figures supposed to speak for themselves? Who knows? The graphs are not as high as they used to be.
I believe cloud seeding is carried out.  The hydro electric scheme needs water from the snowfields for its very existence.
The mountains are a catchment for the major rivers that are the lifeblood to hugh areas for drinking water and for food growing.
Tourism depends on snow sports at the same time as our overall activities hasten climate change.

In Davos, Switzerland, a weather stations reports a decrease in snow at lower and middle altitudes over that last seventy years of measurements. Melting glaciers, less and later snow, higher mean temps and retreating snowlines and low lying smog are observed in the alps.
Acres of polythene covers are used to help stop the glaciers from melting.
Snow making cannons have high energy and water requirements.  Heavy vehicle that work the ski runs and just about everything related to sking is bad news for the vegetation, soil and animal life in the alps as the focus of the 'sport' moves up to higher and higher altitudes.

Profit and loss.  What is the right balance between protest and lawlessness?  Multiple terrible protests are in the news but protest is  not uncommon.  Moscow is often roused to protest as recently as a day or two ago and they don't go quietly.  Unionists in Melbourne were very roudy some weeks ago and police horses were employed. Look at wild scenes from Greece and Spain. Violence and lawlessness deserve a heavy hand. The object of protest is all relative.

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