Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Around here, the publicity given to religion would be unheard of in stacks of countries.
In our open system the media has had a large role in revealing the many instances of paedophile clergy in the Catholic church and beyond.  In the Hunter, prosecutions have been numerous and compensations paid up by the church who has been carrying out remedial and preventative actions while a commission of enquiry is sought to make sure the response is total.
The publicity exposes the instituion itself rather than the beliefs or revered historical figures such as in the notorious video.
The challenge is to look beyond the human institution which is not a 'level playing field' and is a man's world at that.

Most of the crimes took place in the eighties and ninties and no speculation has been seen as to why then. It was a time of social change but perhaps such crimes always existed.  The records are of the Hunter region and what of other districts?  

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