Saturday, April 14, 2012

Old fotos of coal mining.  Heard that little old coal carriages were stopped by throwing a length of wood at the wheels somehow.

Senator Bob Brown, foremost advocate for our good survival, is retiring from the Greens.  He is expert at spelling out the most significant issues of our time.
Sustainability, in its widest sense, was gaining traction.  Hope has turned to disbelief.  Who was to know that this nation would become totally committed to plundering the counryside and seaside on the pretex that any darn fool thing is excusable because the world needs energy supplies NOW.  And jobs - the ultimate test.  And a fast buck.

Where is the revolution to alternative energy?  Where is protection of the environment and of biodiversity?  Protection of food growing areas and the natural scenic appearance of the landscape? Protection from pathogenic coal dust and pollution?  Murray Darling conservation that hurts vested interests?

We have even invited other nations to colonise and mine and up the ante.  To share our resources would be gratifying but it is just feeding Asia's etc addiction to fossile fuel.
At the same time as our fuel exports make sure that other places are polluted and produce carbon emissions, (never at a rate as high as our own), at home we rightly graple with a carbon tax and emissions trading.  And if it does lead us to more expensive electricity and fuel, subsidies from the government apart, well, that's what sustainability takes.  Less consumption is the name of the game.
Our lifestyle is over the odds and it takes a competent member of the Greens to keep calling us to account.

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