Thursday, April 26, 2012

Newcastle Beach when a tallish building casts a shadow.

Our secular society holds official ANZAC Day services with content that has Christian overtones. We must make up our minds. Are we for or against certain beliefs? On that day liturgy is celebrated and tolerated by citizens at large. Tradition. Timelessness.
Ironically the leading memorial service is held in a Muslim country. Australian service men fought in countries steeped in Muslim, Orthodox and Christian beliefs. A whole array of Christian saints of long ago are from those same lands and battlefields of Asia Minor, the Mediterranean and even France. So. Just saying.
Are we flexible or inflexible?
A choral festival or contest (Songs of Praise, BBC via ABCTV1) features choirs of primary and high school students of the UK who sing songs of praise – traditional and modern – in outstanding style.
Strangly, the students were not necessarily from church schools, some were, while government schools participated and won some.  I doubt one of the largest churches was representated.
Contrast this with Australia where I imagine our legislation proscribes songs of praise in our state schools, yet there, you may even hear said a prayer invoking a deity. We are aok over contradictions. Some of the time.

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