Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big things seen at the ''Foreshore' yesterday. And how come Alpha Century isn't loaded to the gunnels? 
Century? Another big thing. Alpha Centauri as I understand, is the closest star, really a binary star, the brightest in the Southern hemisphere yet visible in the nothern summer at latitudes like that of Galveston.  The star points to the Southern Cross.

It is entertaining to read Richard Glover's column in Spectrum  (SMH). Recently he was in full swing about how pubs and other little institutions become up-maket, the beach-side kiosk 'converted into an oyster and semillon bar', the municipal pool 'with a bull-necked manager who was a complete bastard'. Spot on.  How would Glover like the Hunter vineyards?

Examples of original old pubs are found in this district but no two country pubs are the same with evidence of a series of alterations and additions in handyman style.  Look hard for signs of a kitchen, a bistro, who takes the orders?  Where does this door lead?
Although I havn't read a notable book in its entirety for several years, why skim thru Spectrum?  The films and TV reviews for one. Food. This and that. Some pages lapse into strange sophisticated Sydney-city speak. Other writers are obtuse but offer a good opportunity to challenge the of these days....

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