Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Sports Day, another time another place. Today it's pouring. Magpies are singing in the rain.
I suspect school children over 5 years in Newcastle never ever wear a rain coat. A fashion habit.  But then grown ups don't wear raincoats either.

Locals probably do no more and no less than the prevailing local standards. 
Educational outcomes are flavour of the month and teachers are targetted.
What if nurses were put in a similar spotlight? The conversation is about complexity - waiting times, statistics, hand washing (!).  Instead of that, we have the big little things that count for a lot, the hands on care in touch with lived experience as a work in progress.
Seek out ability to think outside the square and give high priority to sanity as a unique approach to services and look into providing enough staff to do all this in our institutions.


Chris said...

I'm struck by how the wheelie bin lids in your previous post match the colors of the kids' t-shirts in the photo in this post. A reflection of Australian social conformity, or just common sense?

julia said...

Very strange, blindly taken for granted. Then there's time-out sent to a matching wheelie bin...gleeful adults - what am I thinking? it's bringing out the worst in me.