Friday, March 09, 2012

'Bollywood' in Newcastle last year
The university plans to enlarge the inner city campus.  Like the developers, will they make demands about the city rail link, hello, has it come to their attention? The traffic problems associated with 'back to university week' would be eased if they tried various measures instead of everyone kicking off 9am Monday.
A special high speed internet line serves the university and some other entities in the city have very high speed, I believe. Bring it on.
How long before international students begin to reject this and that?  They are expected to 'jump thru hoops', costly hoops designed on a global scale to extract cash and are often repetitous hoops. But think of the success stories.
The previous MP for the city copped a lot of flack over the rail line etc etc.  She lost the seat and all those problems have become a non-event for the new member.
He cops it sweet. Is the new member a long term citizen of Newcastle, did he ever figure in the past in local citizen action and debate, can't say, after all, such is not a prerequisite and can be adopted when it suits.

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