Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Forget Bali, here is tourism without the hype down by the riverside in Indonesia - our northern neighbour.
Wrote this trivia and minutes later came swiftly 'back to earth' after going to Yahoo which had a report about an Indonesian zoo FROM HELL. Rightly or wrongly my opinon is that animals are simply not their thing, are not part of the domestic Indonesian tradition, are not commonly indulged in and have a low priority which has consequences.  But who can say? 

Choose sustainablity?  Fairfax press reports that a Harvard study published yesterday points to health benefits from cutting back on consumption of red meat.
And on page one we are told that carbon emissions have hit a new record and have risen to their highest level since modern humans evolved (CSIRO, Bureau of Met).
Take the hint.  Choose life! 
At first, no new record was found of a meat study published yesterday. What if it was only a re-hash of old research? Never. Eventually the Harvard site came good and updated or whatever .     

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