Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yass Firewood Supplies, Yass.  And bagged kindling and bagged coal.


Chris said...

Wry reports from the fig tree front. Thanks!

julia said...

Thanks Chris. Trees - social media would be lucky to keep up with the latest. The Herald is on line with stories. It seems that the cropping stopped on ?Wednesday the day after it began. Another review was announced but hours later was declared 'unconstitutional' with death-to-the-figs reinstated. Thursday-Friday: options are under consideration. Again. State intervention muted. Also, reviews aired about unpleasant incidents at the site.
All the same, protestors must largly ignore criticism, they can't be bluffed. What's next?

Chris said...

Maybe there should be an attendant anti-capitalism protest, ala our Occupy Wall Street happenings. Bring folks up from Sydney, fill Civic Park. Might not save the figs, but would sure put a cap on things.