Monday, October 17, 2011

Complaints department here.  What have I got to lose?

The above was, sort of, a unique set of shops, possibly from the thirties or so, original shopfronts, 5 or 6 matching, woodwork and tiled or tessellated entrances.  The colour scheme was crap.  Never had a chance at this quiet end of the street.
Not anymore.  Modernisation has taken over and each shop has been wrecked and given the standard, glassy front treatment and grand new addtions at this end make the premises twice as big as before.
Superficially, these shops needed clever rejuvination in retro style. They were perfect for vintage.  A suitable paint scheme would have worked wonders and the shops could have become specially appealing.
But, in the cold hard light of day, any darn thing is tried to make an investment viable.  

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