Saturday, October 01, 2011

Window shopping. Beacon Lighting, Kotara. All that glitters is not gold.

A safe recovery from the economic tightrope that several countries find themselves on could be via the way of the Cup Cake.
A cup cake recovery stimulates a raft of activities and the outcomes are sweet when products, services, the workers, imports and exports are all involved.
The PM knows the wisdom of this with a Fiftieth Birthday Cup Cake Arrangment as a surprise during a school visit where the cup cake had infiltrated.

Infrastructure becomes crucial with strong demand for space age baking trays, giant psudo-cup cake pans, paper patties, tierd cake stands, cake mixers and mixes, themed fridge magnets, cards, toys and adorments, Wedding cakes and parties. At its peak, job creation is just the icing on the cake.
As well, social capital benefits because Cup Cakes are good for self esteem. Trouble with a successful full size cake?  From experience Cup cakes are almost fool proof.
Is this a valid policy? On second thoughts, it is most likely, that the cup cake craze began in one of those big countries that is not doing very well at all.
Kids in the Kitchen. Turn a simple cup cake into a masterpiece. A school holiday activity at City branch, Newcastle Region Library. Thursday. 10yrs+

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