Sunday, August 14, 2011

No doubt Kangaroos are unique animals as well as a challenge to the home gardener in some situations - like homesteading. They like vegies and it takes a high fence to exclude them.

The Dot Com Bubble, maybe ten years ago, saw big time investors at play but then the bubble burst in a big way. Is Coal seam gas extraction the latest similar bandwagon hereabouts gone for it in a big way. 
Get rich quick, or future crazy-John carbon-credit trading, no matter what cost to our countryside.
Energy is vital but fracking could be planned using a rational scheme with constraints as to where is most appropriate and plentiful or what's a fair thing.
To the uninformed, like moi, it seems we are overly ready to set up invasive knock 'em down drilling fields instead of developing clean alternative long term solutions to providing energy. 

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