Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A fruit blast from the past when Valencia oranges were packed at Red Cliffs.
'Eat more oranges' is this seasons cry from orchardists who struggle to recoup their export costs particularly while the Aussie dollar is high. Following years of drought this season has produced a good crop but it fails to create any profits. Their loss is our gain particularly if the supermarkets really lower their prices accordingly.

People have hopes and want a share of the action.  The World bank CEO is visiting and his belief is that we in the West have no need to complain in the face of the unrelentless hardships faced by those of the 'South'.  Which is partly painfully true.  How can an under class in the U K feel sorry or angry while they have so much?
Well, it is all relative, another line of thinking is that within a society, members validly compare themselves to others in that society. Where conspicuous wealth and privilege is a given yet is right out of the reach of the under class then class tension is the result. The potential exists for a good life-style for each and everyone in a civilized society.

Oranges are delicious and provide vitamins and fibre.  They were always promoted for their Vitamin C content and fibre is the vital flavour of the month. Don't we still need vitamin C again and again each and every day.
It is suggested we eat the orange in its complex form as a whole piece of fruit.  
Attempts are made to steer us off lashings of orange in the form of strong orange juice. Large single amounts of juice are undesirable, and are a lot to handle, and they say, keep all this in mind when feeding children.  

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