Tuesday, November 20, 2007


As is the case in other countries we are not allowed to nurse a baby or a child in a car whilst on the road and all passengers, of all ages, must be restrained (by seat belts).
From cradle to grave there is road safety and there are fines. Some traffic offences attract demerit points as well as a fine and the licence is lost when the points reach a limit over a 3 year period, broadly speaking.

To use a mobile phone is illegal whilst it is hand held. Over time, will we all improve our capabilities so as to use a mobile at the same time as driving like some manage to do? Or will we all run out of fuel before then?


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. We have all of those kinds of laws here too.

I really liked this post and the one you had yesterday.

Thanks for visiting my place.

Kate said...

A beautiful child that needs to be safeguarded! Your laws are similar to ours in MN but we are not restricted from cell phone use while driving. Since my body was hit by a car while the driver was distracted by his cell phone, I would cheer that law here. I'm fine now but it wasn't fun then!!

Jilly said...

Lovely portrait of this beautiful child.

I have a bluetooth device in the car - not one that sticks in my ear, but one that hangs on the sun visor. It works well. however, I don't use it if I'm negotiating a difficult area, traffic, whatever - they can stil be a distraction.

Steve Buser said...

When I think of how little protection our kids had when they were little. Car seats were just used for the first year. No airbags and things to worry about. Safety has come a long way.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Fabrizio - ikol22 said...

The problem about cell phone and cars it isn't to have hand free but it's *to use it*, I mean that people cannot do both thing at their best so... Happen incidents.

In Italy we have same low but actually most of drivers disregard it