Thursday, November 29, 2007


St Dominic's Centre for Hearing Impaired Children is a far cry from the first institution pictured in yesterdays post. It offers an auditory-oral education through specialist teaching and promotes gradual integration into a regular school. Therapy is collaborative with professional staff. Does sign language have any role there?
The purpose-built school was designed to keep out noise and has excellent listening conditions and is advantageous for children who are using amplified residual hearing or cochlear implants to develop listening and spoken language. Intervention starts early from birth onwards. The fees, for one child are around a thousand dollars per year. (Information booklet)

The Cochlear or bionic ear is a highly innovative and excellent means of assisting the profoundly deaf from birth onwards. The device is surgically implanted.
The cochlear is successful all around the globe and the production company is doing very well and had its origins in Melbourne.


Kate said...

The building is very modern and looks "homey."

Rambling Round said...

The sooner they can be identified with a hearing loss, the better, and this sounds like the place to be for a good educational beginning.