Friday, November 23, 2007


Budawang Building, Canberra, ACT, for 'high' entertainment whether its Federal election night or the National Folk Festival.

Budawang is the National Tally room, (the name is in the second image), and in 24 hours time, it will be filled to overflowing with journalists, political figures and analysists when the election polls close. Who will win our cliff-hanger federal election?

During the National Folk Festival the hall is one of a round of entertainment venues, not only that, it is sponsored by a union! (CFMEU) The Union Concert is very popular. It is said the union is with the ethics that drive the folk tradition: sharing, a sense of community and social equality, honouring good traditions and mentoring and nurturing the younger generation. Sounds OK.

The election night tradition may soon give way to a virtual tally room and internet version according to the AEC.

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