Monday, July 16, 2018

Woolworths supermarket has installed those plastic seats made from recycled shopping bags. What's next?
Observations.  The scenic French countryside is followed with the Tour de France on SBS TV.  It is difficult to spot solar panels on any rooves or roofs.  Hope it is the exception.
The national data base of our e-health records is in progress.  Of course it is important and of great use.  I see very little evidence that medical professionals delve into histories or care plans at all, they reinvent the wheel with every incident. 
It is very true that the famous Thai Football team are well behaved demonstrated on camera sitting up in their hospital bed. Current thinking is to be up and about no matter what illness - within reason - not a chair was in sight. Difficult for young active boys. Off camera it would be different.  Then, strangely, the boys had comments recorded without taking their masks off - not even for a minute.  Possibly it was to deter recognition.  As if.

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William Kendall said...

It doesn't surprise me what you can make when you really concentrate with recycling. That's a good idea.