Friday, August 04, 2017

Newcastle East and a small part of the road works to build a racing car circuit.  Ridiculous?

Latest leaked transcripts of Trump and our PM put us in agreement with Trump that our deal about refugees is stupid....'shows me (Trump) to be rediculous'...'look like a dope'.  Trump has got it correct this time.
The deal made with the US to take our refugees is appalling.  Turnbull says the US is not obliged to take one person they do not want, all that is needed is to accept a very small minority as long as Trump honours the deal made with Obama.  Hence few will find refuge. The truth comes out.
The whole arrangement is shameful.  As some humanists say that after so long it is not valid to refuse to back down from never granting asylum to these boat people.
What have we got to lose?

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William Kendall said...

I imagine that would be a temporary thing, a race circuit.