Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Harbour and foreshore and road works in foreground.  Some of the tall trees have been left standing.

Some years ago when many of us installed solar panels the rebate on electricity costs was reasonably good. As a move towards renewable energy, solar has not been seen in a positive 'light', there has been no rejoicing by the state, in fact, despite the load that households contribute to energy, the power companies have cut rebates and have raised energy costs.
As soon as solar made its appearance every move has supported the power companies, are they out for what they can get before change jeopardises their future.
The excellent move of taxing carbon was blamed for rising prices and against all common sense, the tax was repealed yet the prices continue to rise.
Privatisation and gold plating the electricity network must be another expense put onto the consumer.
At the very time when energy production might be sorted out with gradual change to renewals, the old ways continue to up their anti and put all the pressure on the consumer to pay up. We hear they blame gas prices but that can be got under control if we tried.  What about the costs of coal supplies. Who knows, just another excuse.

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William Kendall said...

We need to switch to renewable energies. Better to do it now than in a century, when fossil fuels are gone and we have to scramble to catch up.