Monday, January 30, 2017

Dried prawn sized seafoods were a source of food in the market.  Farmed fish were kept alive in dishes and in inventive plastic pools filled with water.  Far from the sea yet fish was on the menu.

We could be mislead by the origins of fish that is farmed.  Fake news has been topical in the USA and there were a few media incidents here. Another time religious diversity had its moments.
In more recent years, state parliament refused to use the classifieds in one major newspaper and changed to the one-eyed News Corp daily.
Another parliamentarian decided against interviews by a leading ABC program in a longstanding ban.
There's been a truce.
Much much earlier, in the colony, public office holders were limited to members of certain religions until many restrictions were removed by British Parliament in 1829. (NMH, p32 29 Jan 2017)
We win some we lose some.  

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