Friday, March 04, 2016

Pre wedding, is this a typical Saturday world wide, although floral delivery by motor scooter might be less likely - life continues on, church continues on - for the time being.

Historically, members of the Catholic church failed to report paedophilia as they should have done. Some personality types would be confident about speaking up and made sure others knew just what they were thinking while some other people were less confident about speaking up. To rehash.
 There are no excuses.  It could be said there are those who may not like meeting with clergy or police or know the best ways of going about the situation. Influences were at work. There was no way of knowing whether others would support or act with disbelief. Nothing new here.
 It is a situation that exploits the virtues, to love, to act well towards others, to be non judgmental so that it stifled common sense and stifled action and discouraged normal unofficial support from forming.  
 Church gatherings are not designed as times of critical analysis. Beliefs and practices are not put up for popular decision making. Plain speaking about questions and issues is not often undertaken.  Guided positive discussion and matters of spirituality are.
 Indirectly, all these ways of being do not help an average church person into taking individual action over even serious crime. Some are much more successful of late.
 Most strangely, from experience, more often than not, it is unlikely that a single word will be heard said in public in the local parish church about paedophilia and its aftermath, that is, apart from a few official statements issued for public circulation.

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