Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Hotel with a name for itself in Bandung.  It was Sukarno (First President) who gave the hotel a makeover during his early phase in architecture 70 - 80 years ago.  The age of the building is deceptive. Where else but in Jalan Asia Africa.

Street names are colourful but the footpaths are totally appalling in the towns of Indonesia and the ever accompanying drainage is unforgetable.  
  Those names are designed to stump any traveller silly enough to delve into a map. (A paper map has something going for it). Or leave it to a taxi driver even if he has to stop and ask several people.
  Here are a few names. Cidanziang. Baranengsiang. What's with Dipenogoro or Jendral Sudirman - they are sure to be found.  Professor such and such reoccurs.  Are any of them famous name women? Sure.
  Cihampelas and Cipaganti - cute. Then Dipatiukur. Mangkubumi. Hayam Wuruk.   They make a stirring postal address.
(Wikipedia statement about Sukarno).

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