Thursday, June 25, 2015

Moree NSW and the hot springs of artesian bore water were a good past time perhaps most popular with those of European and Asian heritage but not exclusively.
Hot underground water is found over a vast area.  Other spars were in some Queensland towns. The fresh water can be very smelly at first then it settles, some has too many minerals to safely use on the garden etc and is treated.
Years ago, an early bore in Moree, one of the first, was drilled to round 800 meters with the help of English experts. Unfortunately it flooded the small township.
We are rather fortunate to enjoy a low key road trip, unlike some less fortunate in this country let alone in half of the world.
Some of the northern jungle is like being in a non first world country yet is really safe and benign.
 Doubt I would swap it for a prissy pristine generic resort where there is no environment to really come to grips with.

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