Sunday, June 14, 2015

4WD addicts. At Cape Trib the sealed road ends and gravel continues to Cooktown when taking the coastal route, it is a valid 4WD road for 100ks with several water crossings that are not trival and very steep grades I am told. Cape Tribultion is reached by crossing the Daintree river by ferry and entering the rain forest jungle on over shaded creeks and sightings of the sandy shores. The other inland route to Cooktown is easy going. Cook and the Endeavour refloated off the reef on June 12 after tossing over tons of gear to lighten the ship and other measures. It was touch and go. They investigated a safe haven to make repairs and on the 15th or 16th entered the Endeavour River, now Cooktown. This post is written close to that point where the barque was beached for repairs.

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