Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Who was Charlotte Rose?  Our tabby cat. We don't have a cat now days.
Charlotte arrived at the time of the Bicentenary and was named after the ship in the first fleet.

  The good ship, Charlotte, a fully rigged sailer, launched 1787, sailed for Botany bay in May of that year as part of an impressive saga when the first fleet took on the southern oceans, eleven ships, staff, convicts and supplies.
   Firstly, crossing the Atlantic the fleet stayed in Rio for a month to clean up the dreadful conditions on board and to restock.
   Then westerlies took them to the other side of the Atlantic to Cape Town in Oct 1787 to take on livestock and stores.
   From there it was into the Roaring Forties for a very challenging run to Australia and Botany Bay (pictured) Jan 1788, to set up a colony after a 252 day voyage.
   After several months, the ship Charlotte sailed for China to carry tea for the East India company. Later she took up a London to Jamaica run then was lost off Newfoundland in 1818.

  Sail on Sydney harbour on the ferry, Charlotte, as eleven ferries were named after the first fleet ships.

  A Charlotte medal, commemorating the voyage, was made by a convict forger on the first fleet, using improvised material to create the first work of Australian colonial art and is in fine style now owned by Australian National Maritime Museum.     Information thanks to Wikipedia.

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