Thursday, May 07, 2015

SBS TVStruggle Street, the doco, is it? The truth hurts about our community in the lucky country. More on next Wednesday unless halted by rioting bogans, westies citizens. I call myself a bogan sometimes.

Frivolous, but fans will need to be up very early to vote live (the tyranny of distance) for Euro Vision.  Round 20, 22, 24 May from Vienna on SBS TV.
 Hear stuff on SBS 4  radio in the meantime.
 Be in it!!
Was any Aboriginal pop group considered as the Aussie entry? In their mother tongue, nothing else but.
 Good luck to our entry, hope it is much more than safe and conventional. How is our creativity measuring up?

 Right now, the First lady is doing very well in a Sesame Street appearance, promoting breakfast eating. Take heed. Of course, the TV in on for some children!

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