Saturday, May 10, 2014

Recently, the annual catch of the day was mullet near the fish markets on the Port.
One down in Eurovision on SBS.
Azerbaijan approached magical heights, trad instruments plus song in native tongue.  Liszt like piano was part of a noteworthy item from Hungary.
Portuguese, Latvian and Icelandic acts were in the real spirit of Eurovision. An offering with Celtic like pipes, ice skater and non-English (I think) had something going for it as did the treadmill duet or the see saw act.
English language, seriousness and drama of all the rest were so so. The song about mother takes the cake. The dramatic build ups are over exhausted. Actions and dance over explicit, exaggerated, each contestant forced to outdo the other in histrionics.  So often, nuanced performance is unknown. That's the spell of Eurovision and all the rest.

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