Monday, May 12, 2014

From the road near the nation's capital. A lake bed that is usually waterless! Sucked dry?
We hear, the budget, tomorrow, will mean new taxes.  The old promise of no new taxes has manipulated voters.  A more savvy politician would have avoided making that type of promise.  I assume this politician has a high IQ and would have avoided such a mistake.  Manipulation must be the real reason for the broken promise.
Mr Joseph Hockey, treasurer, and his sidekick, were caught with cigars and smoking like a chimney recently.  One commentator said they can do as they like, this is no nanny state. Another said how it was not a good look and one rarely caught.  Another wondered what the cancer Council would say. Then, that cigars are elitist and what about the level playing field? (All on ABC TV). And, to be sure, they were in a no smoking zone most likely.  To his credit, Hockey has shed a lot of weight.  But are those guys human?

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