Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Chinese New year. Some planners must be expecting similar crowds here if this taxi sorting area is anything to go by and, gosh,  it puts us right up there on the world stage.

Recently I grabbed some canned fruit at Aldis and it is not my favourite food and later I noticed how pale were the chopped scraps of fruit containing 40% fruit juice and was made in China and the brand name was Sweet Valley (sic).  Remember our Goulbourn Valley brand?
   Australian fruit and processes are much more preferable than imports.  The food miles from Chine are absurd and unsustainable.  I won't buy such as that till forced.
  All the same, the space for real food, such as canned fruit, has shrunk on the shelves.  Dinky little tubs of fruit are the go.
  All wise,  all modern woman at the supermart happened to be praising the said tubs of fruit as the best thing since sliced bread for her children.  Better choice than some the processed fruit contains sugar in the sweetend fruit, is 40% juice and has packaging and shipping.
  We don't want to lose the ability to eat a piece of fresh fruit which is a more complex food and is a healthy choice. We can't become too helpless and lacking fibre to manage a piece of fruit!  The experts promote fruit and vegies for health - it is so easy.  Nevertheless, there are those who manage without eating fruit and vegies.  They must be the exception. 
Australian fruit industry needs support now.

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