Sunday, January 26, 2014

For Australia DAY 2014 and the birthplace of European settlement: Botany Bay.  Two runways of Sydney Airport extend into the bay and a succession of early flights touch down after the longest of hauls. 'Straya Day
Arrivals.  The indicator keeps repeating 'flight delayed'.  No, it won't be the travellers emerging in winter clothes and coats nor the warm designer outdoor gear. Activity stops. Next a crowd from an Asian country and cabin crew women extremely slender and in delightful long outfits.     What's next?. A crowd totting trailer sized snow boards.  Then some with Muslim scarfs
Welcome to Straya.
- now that's getting closer. Yes, several people in crumpled summer gear with vast luggage and Straya lookalikes - its hopeful. Then no one emerges. Next, a few sturdy Anglo cabin crew possibly Jetstar or Qantas related - good sign. Even a few of post-Bali appearance emerge. It can't take much longer.  A newborn with very long black hair and from Jakarta is greeted by the relatives beside me. Next, I believe is a large group of Vietnamese, many with cartons of cargo piled high. No, a return to lots of rugged up travellers, and an Ashkenazian look a like and an overthetop fun pretend celeb.   Another gap.  What's the delay? Is there a drug bust inside? Wait, a pilot and side kick in SHORT sleeve shirts - is that a give-away?  Followed by a long gap. Some stragglers then the object of our long wait roll into view.  Relief and joy. 

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