Friday, August 23, 2013

A tree living in the bush at Camooweal.
But just not an ordinary tree.
This is a Swampy Gum tree - another old man swampy!
You may note he is growing on rock.
Super hard country and very warm in summer.
 One also knows by the black scars he wears
that he has endured several ordeals by fire
yet he still has his own hair (leaves), white bark and aura of strength.
He is home to vast numbers of ants, beetles, spiders, lizards and birds
and shade to 'roos, catlle and man - he does not discriminate.
He provides excellent firewood to boil up, cook and heat.
He shines like the richest cedar when polished,
He is an Aussie through and through!
He is an astounding free gift from the universe!

photo: Carmel from Camooweal. writer: Starman  2013

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