Sunday, March 24, 2013

Climate and mystery.  The land of the long white cloud, New Zealand, is made up of a longish, narrowish north and south island. 
The most severe drought in history has overtaken the north along with part of the south and more droughts are predicted.
Normally, NZ exports a whole lot of milk and global milk prices are at a record high.

Secondly, one or two tornardos have occured in NE Victoria, Australia, and created havoc in several towns.  The towns are new to me and include Koonoomoo, Yarrawonga, Mulwala, Barooga, Bundalong and plain old Rutherglen.

On another topic, turning to ancient writings, a well known incident of betrayal is recorded. Simon Peter was by the fire in a courtyard where a maidservant said of him that he was with Jesus the Nazarene, who had been arrested.
Simon Peter denied it before all the company and said that he had no knowledge of him.  Then he went out into the porch and there heard a rooster crow.
A maidservant at the door said to the bystanders that Simon Peter was one of them but this was denied again with an oath that he knew nothing of the man.
After a while, the high priest's servant, a kinsman of the man whose ear Simon Peter had cut off with a sword said that he saw Simon Peter with Jesus in the garden. Others said that he must be one of them because he spoke like a Galilean.
Simon Peter began calling down curses on himself and swearing that he did not understand what they meant and that he did not know the man.
Simon Peter had been told he would make the denials and when he remembered this and again heard a rooster, he went out weeping bitterly.

So Easter Week begins today with the passion narrative.
And shades of this week in parliament come to mind.

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