Friday, August 24, 2012

Arrive in Newcastle and on leaving the airport either feel right at home or somewhat jaded on seeing a brand new Maccas outlet. However, Lamb [ham]burgers have arrived.  Now, would they be a local phenomenon?
And the idea for the McCafe service originated in Australia, I understand.  The car park is equipped with free air to pump up the car tyres again on the traffic returning from Stockton beach and the sand dunes just down the end of the road.  Is this in competition with the service station on the other corner?  No stone unturned.

This last coffee pot is in the style that I have seen local Italians use in the past - as do many other people.

.... One aspect of Arabic life is their hospitality, and the single food with which this is expressed is coffee. 
There are certain rules to observe.  First, do not refuse a cup: to do so is an insult to the host.  
Your cup will be replenished a second time and a third, and more if you do not indicate to the host that you are satisfied.
A simple little jiggle of your empty cup from side to side indicates that you have had sufficient.
Only a small portion of coffee is served - a third of a cup is poured each time and the handle-less cups are very small.
It is always served unsweetened and flavoured with cardamom. 
Taking three cups of coffee is expected of you rather than just one...

I have no idea if this info is up to date.

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