Saturday, August 18, 2012

A building in a country town somewhere in the south of the state.

 Out of touch with reality I've seen my spiritual home - Tomsk in Siberia - but I wouldn't last five minutes there. And prosecution as a hooligan is a risk.  Will the Orthodox church ask for leniency instead of two years for Pussy Riot?

Talk about justice.  Australia's treatment of refugees is oppressive and unlawful.
Right, I'm a 'bleeding heart', and have noticed the tactics of some who seek refuge; dodgy practices by Indonesians who turn a blind eye to people's movements;  all the many troubles, yet I am still very ashamed of the lastest policies on refugees that send people to gulags on the Pacific Islands.
How would the USA rate on that score?  I have found out a little more about that country these past few years and there is much more to it than I thought which is a bit of an understatement. Sterotypes left the wrong impressions.  Not only does it have Giant hickory horned devil caterpillars but outstanding characters like Rachael Carson and Andy Warhol among many others.  The scale would be impressive with very large established centres with people, education, culture and arts throughout the land as a true novelty to a visitor from here. And miles of natural beauty. Sigh.
Very bleak places also hold some appeal.

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