Thursday, November 17, 2011

Simulacrum captured in stark reality.  Closed doors on the sabbath leave no cafe racers out on display.

The Middle kingdom has no need to feel left out of our strategies whilever they buy our coal mines and real estate whereas, for some reason, the USA, is handed over access in a type of 'window dressing' move.  Yet, today, the US President's gracious winning style almost twisted my arm.
Flattery?  Hey, the Prime minister, today, wore a different styled suit that really flattered her. I wish she would contact the governor general's terrific stylist.   


Chris said...

Obama's visit is getting pretty positive coverage back home, too, particularly, his efforts to speak Australian. Good thing he didn't call Gillard a "ranga" though! (I learned what "ranga" means after reading it on your blog.)

julia said...

Let's hear more ranga, shame it's just a tad too cheeky yet the two were very pally. And sorry, we'll get back at all youse by exporting 'The Slap' (not to be confused with clap)