Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beyond the headwaters of the might Styx, Tickhole Tunnel may be glimpsed. Yes, Tickhole. Between the stations of the suburb of Kotara and Cardiff.
At first it was decided not to add the idea that a rail crossing in the vicinity of Kotara station would be amazing and locals would find it very convenient.
Ticks, those small blood-sucking insects, are bad news for dogs and if undetected lead to an emergency dash to the vet. They can't be any good for children either.
We came under attack on our last camping sortie by ticks no bigger than a speck that delivered a whopping bite while they hung on. Oh! the great outdoors.


Rationalist said...

Compared to old style rail tunnels, the tickhole is rather unappealing.

julia said...

what you write is enlightening to an irrationalist! never thought of tunnels as having merit, believe a second tunnel is just out of sight and may be more appealing, and come to think of it, Fernleigh tunnel has a certain flair. All the same, the tunnels must be pretty old, well, as old as they get around NSW.