Saturday, March 19, 2011

As time goes by we witness the winds of change and it can all be a bit amusing to do an about turn. Exciting stuff that elicits a smile and 'that's nice, dear'.
It might be family members who declare they are gay and establish relationships - 'lovely girl...lovely new home you have there'....and you lend some support to gay activism.
Divorce and states of togetherness when adults and children choose a name to run with. It's guess work when it comes to names. 'Hello dear, nice to c u again'.
Eternal rituals around rites of passage are replaced by innovation while the etiquette is guesswork. Flexibility is good.
Youngsters could not imagine the about turn that has occured nor the amount of change that some conservative oldies laugh or bemoan.
Family lob home with a new partner, opposite in many ways - culturally, racially, politically - a tolerant 'that's nice, dear, we must celebrate' and celebrate we do with gusto.
New found paganism adds a dimension to old time beliefs. What's most incongruous, outlandish, challenging is taken in its stride by old and new alike.
It's all out there, what may have been called fornication in the dark ages, is pushed wholesale by national FM youth radio - that's cool, no worries!
Nowdays we enjoy choice.

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