Wednesday, October 06, 2010

These old fig trees are on death row. Experts have examined, considered and consulted and say the trees are unsafe. A group of citizens do not believe in these fears and have even held protests and bedecked the trees.

On another topic, at this time, Right to Die leglisation is under consideration and is a broad and valid topic. Comfort and peace is said to be well within reach of those that need it but other big issues are in focus.   


georgia said...

i guarantee you 100% that the trees are safe the newcastle council declined an independent assessment as they didnt want the trees to be proven safe! the only reason they want to knock the trees down is to build a council car park and unnecassarily build extensions onto the libary and art gallery! Expert risk asessers have said that even the thought of the trees being unsafe is absolutely ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I witnessed the beautiful 80 year old figs being removed with 60 riot police present, dozens of security guards behind a few rows of cyclone fencing.The tree branches were healthy as were the canopies.The tree trunks were solid and healthy.And we were supposed to be very afraid if a branch might hit us they even fenced it off during winds over 50kmph.No branches fell.