Saturday, October 23, 2010

The lone store at the junction at Woodville sells fuel and a bit of everything and is an agent for Australia Post. Local kids arrive by bike after school.
The tall pine trees are dying of old age despite various efforts to preserve them.

Amazing news: Logging in old growth forests in Tasmania will end but it will take some time to achieve.
A real environmental activist knows how their work is a life time venture, it means involvement over the long haul.
Self interest motivates some other citizens. Do nothing about environmental issues until some threat looms which, for example, could marginally devalue certain property and ventures, then take to the streets in protest.
All the same, I do little for the environment except for drawing attention or supporting topics and efforts for a lighter 'footprint' wherever possible, like, questioning energy consumption. Take a look at the energy used by giant HD Televisions. LED LCD televisions use less power.

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