Tuesday, August 03, 2010

 Newcastle was lashed by gales but little Ranga was on the new look election campaign today in Newcastle with photo opportunites: 1 Simply blown away by the view from Braye park.

2 sharing our local dilemma over the fate of our old fig trees.

 3.Gratified by a nation building project at Newcastle Grammar School, The Junction.

 Reflection of the real Julia Gillard, Prime Minister, leaving ABC studios, Newcastle and a handfull of protestors.


Chris said...

Funny stuff! Is "Ranga" a nickname for Gillard? If so, what does it mean? Or is it just the name of the doll? Being in the U.S., I'm not quite able to keep up with all the political changes and humor.

Chris said...

Forget it. I did a Google search. Ranga = redhead. Funny that I didn't hear that whilst(!) in Newcastle.