Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Malibu Classic event is an amateurs competition for all ages and is big in May in Crescent Head which, I read, in surfing terms, has the best ever right-hand point break. The Malibu or longboard is wider than the shortboard and has a rounded nose. 
Board riders: past the Wicked camper, the Pandanus tree, over the rocks, the sand, and to the waves such as they were on that day.

The tree is probably a Pandanus (or Screw Palm) which, in more resourceful climes, is used for everything, for building, making sleeping mates mats, rain capes, canoe sails, bags etc.
The large fruit, round and about 20cm across consisting of nuts segments, is used for food, and the best choice depends on local knowledge, (like, check whether it is safe to eat), the flesh is used for soups and saucers sauces, or fruit is heated over a fire or in a stone oven, and juice is strained out from the seed by squeezing it between the hands.
Or can be smoked cured and kept for many months and stored in the ceiling for example. In traditional cultures, this food was important in tropical high altitudes where other crops did not do well.