Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Lister  - a steam driven oldie.
Mr Motor-Watcher observed that the Toyota recall seems to apply to vehicles produced in North America where they have naturally done some of their own thing with the cars.  To overcome trading sanctions against the Japanese, Toyota opened their plant in America and adjusted to suit the American market, where, for example, small cars were not in demand while a Lexus might be more appropriate and the market diversified.  In Australia the small Toyota Corolla had been very popular for years and years then the smallish Echo and so on and Lexus has some followers.


julia said...

An oldie but I see it has twin overhead cans !! <:)

Bill said...

A great shot. I like the two "lubricant" cans on top of the machine, probably an 'add on'.

BlossomFlowerGirl said...

I wanted to post a comment on your "Seniors Tip" but couldn't find where to do this. I think you're right about signs alwasy showing men and not women. Btw, what is meant by "dipping" your ticket?
Melbourne Daily Photo

julia said...

dipping? upon dipping your ticket in a machine certain beeps proclaim whether the ticket is valid and details of the journey are printed on the ticket before it is removed again for another journey. In Newcastle gov buses the tickets were time based where as much travel as you like could be done within a certain time. I was not too sure what one did in Melbourne but the advice is good from my experience there to hang on tight while at the on-board ticket vending machines! Trams were handy.