Wednesday, October 28, 2009

High above the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea is the volunteer coastal patrol on The Hill. Behind there are old WW2 defences. (Contact with 'the enemy' has been documented.) By and large, the present day patrol is for recreational boating.
Below. Long ago, The Australian Broadcasting Corporation vacated this address in Newcomen street and moved west. Although some say they have moved to the left! If so, not left of left.


Jacob said...

I don't think that those who never lived through those WWII days can really appreciate the sense of terror and foreboding people lived with day in and day out.

I've read a lot about coastal patrols in the South Pacific ...

Fascinating stuff.

julia said...

Believe some incidence of enemy fire occurred in the city, but I'm uninformed. Have heard of the coastwatchers. My relative was involved on our south coast watch.