Friday, October 23, 2009

The artist Margaret Olley sketched this property in Church Street Newcastle. Olley is not an avant-garde modernist. Nowdays it is more difficult to catch the same views of the harbour (or Port as they say). The artist became interested in real estate in Newcastle.

In 1944, the Archibald came under fire when it was awarded to Dobell for his portrait of Joshua Smith. It was denounced as a caricature. Contempt for modernists emerged. However, Dobell went on to win with his portrait of Olley in 1948 (shown in a previous posting here).
Just imagine anyone protesting about art, any art, in the here and now. Where's all the fire?
Ref: Gallery of NSW.
Meg Stewart: Margaret Olley far from a still life.2005. Random House.

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Jacob said...

Beautiful house and beautiful location!

Artists are temperamental sorts, I think.