Friday, September 11, 2009

Traffic cops were all over the place. Trouble at the airport? Climate change protest? Or just on the way to Maccas? Was an escapee swimming the harbour? Then it was the water police and a chopper. All coincidental for there was no critical incident. Some members of the NSW Police force began posing for a photo.
Taken on the Stockton foreshore, the suburb on the northern side of the harbour.

Passing by the new coal loader under construction there was no sign of the Happy Buccaneer. The machinery had been unloaded and was high and dry on the wharf and the Happy Buccaneer had sailed again. See recent posting.


Vicki said...

I just wanted to congratulate you on the beautiful photos and the way you have portrayed our amazing region. You need to be in charge of tourism for the area. If I didn't already live here, I'd be wanting to visit :)
PS - I found you because I wanted to know what the "flame" coloured trees were that line our Esplanade between Speers Point and Warners Bay. Now I know why I hum Cold Chisel as I drive by.

julia said...

Tourism and me - now that would be funny: peculiar!