Thursday, September 10, 2009

To the distant Murray River. Little paddle steamers at Echuca are into tourism nowdays.
World scientists are having a powwow and examining the estuary of the Murray river, an area which is under great stress.
The river, in SE Australia, is long and flows east west in dry regions and reaches the ocean in the Coorong (roughly south of Adelaide) joined along the way by other waterways that had their beginnings thousands of miles to the north.
The Coorong is a Ramsar site of international importance with a rare environment but the water levels there are very low and the taking of water out of the system is implicated among other factors.
Great potential for good management of the river system exists through a united approach by the states, it is said. It is not as though international borders are involved in the process. So, 'come on' experts and do what should be done!

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Ackworth born said...

Gorgeous reflections on the water and in your text.