Sunday, May 03, 2009

One of our emergency departments has been upgraded at Calvary Mater Hospital.
What will be the response of Area Health to the threatened flu pandemic? Will some elective surgery be posponed?
I've been on the waiting list for elective surgery for months and months and got to the top of the list - so near and yet so far! However, immediate problems, such as flu, need priority.


Lowell said...

Well, I hope you can get you actually have a lot of swine flu cases...

There's a lot of hype about this, and I'm not sure all of it is justified...although it is smart to take precautions.

This is a rather funny sign. Wasn't the old Emergency Department any good?

julia said...

Any publicity over public health never goes astray. Luckily,no cases of swine flu, a number of suspects are tested, hard to know. The sign is funny, A&E was small, the whole hospital has been rebuilt; people in a hurry need pointing in the right direction - although the entrance has returned to the original spot, things change but stay the same!