Saturday, January 31, 2009

The shared path to Nobbys is seen in use and has a turning circle at this end.
Nearby, the road to Horseshoe Beach is a parking ground for commuters and buses. The parking seems unrestricted.
Locals enjoy the simple pleasure of going to Horseshoe with their dogs or horses or to picnic on the greens. Parking will be impossible if the entire area becomes a parking lot for workers or utilities and services or for others.
Once again, with a post like this I am not into popularism. That is, if popularism (a kind of kowtowing to popular opinion) is the correct word as it is not in the Macquarie Dictionary while kowtowing is an entry!
PS It has since been discovered that the word populism does appear in a supplementary list in the Macquarie.

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Gerald (SK14) said...

I hear it is rather hot down there these days while we await the big freeze.