Thursday, January 22, 2009

A boxing kangaroo.
Next Monday is the Australia Day holiday and we are reminded by the authorities to celebrate, to join in activities and to make the day significant, to take a break.
By and large, Anglos take up partying and carrying on, for example, recently, the cricket fans were no way multicultural and there, I was no longer a minority.
All the same, in a general way to the small extent I know of, I like a multicultural community quite well.
PS I have been inaccurate above, because cricket fans are, to a small extent, a multicultural group.

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Anonymous said...

Is the boxing kangaroo for Boxing Day?

The other thing I left a comment under your comment that says...

LOL. I listen to that too. It is Garrison Keeler - I think it is.

The show is on above.